Project member Abbie Hantgan

Abbie, then a graduate student in Linguistics at Indiana University, was recruited following Elders' death to carry on the study of Bangime. She had previously been a Peace Corps volunteer in Mali for several years, based initially in the village of Koira Beiri (Kindige language area) and then in Mopti-Sevare. She is fluent in Fulfulde, which is invaluable as a lingua franca in the Bangime villages, and has recently learned to speak Bambara/Jula. Abbie did initial fieldwork on Bangime in Bounou June-August 2008, and has returned to the field several times since. Her 2013 PhD dissertation was a description and analysis of aspects of the phonology, morphology, and morphosyntax of Bangime. She has also worked on Ibi So, and has published on the Kindige ATR system. She is currently a postdoctoral fellow at SOAS in London, on the Leverhulme funded Crossroads Project focusing on multilingualism among Senegalese languages.