Project member Laura McPherson

Laura is an assistant professor in the Linguistics Program at Dartmouth College. Her main theoretical interests are in phonology, tonology, and the phonology-syntax interface. She earned her BA in Linguistics from Scripps College in 2008, working with Africanist Mary Paster on the verbal morphology of Luganda, and her PhD from UCLA in 2014 with the dissertation Replacive grammatical tone in the Dogon languages (co-chairs Bruce Hayes and Russell Schuh). She spent eleven months in Mali on her first field trip (2008-2009) working on Tommo So, first with the support of our project then with the support of a Fulbright Fellowship. She returned to Mali annually to continue work and published A Grammar of Tommo So in the Mouton Grammar Library in 2013. She has more recently shifted focus to Seenku, a Mande language of Burkina Faso, and to languages of Melanesia.