Language Ben Tey

("Beni language') is spoken in the villages of Beni and to a lesser extent Gamni (3 km apart). Both villages are on a relatively narrowl rocky shelf (plateau) south of Douentza. A divergent dialect is said to be spoken in the village of Komboy.

  • Djinekala small village split off from Beni on flat rocky shelf overlooking plains and ravine; same occupations as Beni
  • Koumboye two families with stone houses on lower slope of mountain, plus numerous scattered thatch huts on plains at base of mountain; farming and herding; no gardens
  • Gamni village on flat rocky shelf at base of cliffs;indigo dye-ing (women), pottery, some weaving, wooden beds, leather sandals; farming (fields mostly on shelf, not in plains) and herding; no gardens
  • Beni village on flat rocky shelf overlooking plains on one side and a ravine on the other, a few km from cliffs; one of the oldest Dogon villages in the zone; farming (fields in plains below) and herding; apiaries (honey); extracting oils from fruit pits (Lannea, Balanites, Vitellaria); gardening in the ravine (African eggplant, chili pepper, yams, lettuce, sugar cane, guava, mango, onion)
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