Language Mombo

(exonym Kolu So) is spoken in several villages including Songho that are on or near the highway from Mopti-Sevare to Bandiagara. The Nyambeenge and Ambaleenge varieties reported on Blench's website as potentially distinct languages may turn out to be dialects of Mombo from a linguist's perspective, though not necessarily from that of the local people. Most of our data are from Songho village; other dialects like that of Ficko are said to be quite different.

  • Songho (Songo) village on plateau among small inselbergs; famous for poster-quality wall paintings and for a group male circumcision festival about every third year; campement
  • Deguimbere
  • Kori Maounde village on slope of small rocky hill on the plateau; originally settled by people from Kori-Kori; farming
  • Bandiougou village in two sections on rocky plateau (one on rocky elevation) with many gardens and fields
  • Tangadouba village on rocky elevation in plateau
  • Kori-Kori village on rocky plateau, near Bandiagara highway; farming
  • Onjougou (near Goundaka)
  • Niwari village on small rocky hill on plateau; farming
  • Kakoli
  • Ngoro
  • Fiko village on rocky plateau near small inselberg, on Bandiagara highway, seasonal river just across highway; farming and limestone quarrying
  • Magou
  • Gona
  • Sibo village on rocky plateau; farming; well-known family of healers for mental illness
  • Tile
  • Vaou village on edge of high plateau overlooking the plains; originally settled by people from Songho;farming and herding (year-round water pump)
  • Kema
  • Tagu (near Goundaka)
  • Tena
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