Language Tamasheq


  • Dounggouri (satellite hamlet) small hamlet for Dounggouri; Bella; mostly herding
  • Aliou Haidara village; Bella
  • Dounggouri village with many nearby satellite hamlets; Bella; herding; well-known in the zone as specialists in firewood gathering and charcoal production; school
  • Guendeguey hamlet in plains; Bella; mostly herding
  • Tabakara hamlet of Dimamou; Bella; herding
  • Izakana hamlet; Bella; herding
  • Agg Ofou village in plains on main highway, next to a large year-round lake fed by underground springs (still quite full at the end of the dry season); mixed Tuareg and Bella (mostly from Gosi area); herding; fishing (catfish)
  • Barazh hamlet near Dimamou; Bella; mostly herding
  • Billanto-Bella small hamlet in sloping sandy plains for a wealthy Tuareg (Hammadi Ibrahime) and his Bella servants; mainly herding
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