Language Toro Tegu

("mountain language") is spoken in villages ringing (and formerly on the summits of) Tabi and Sarinyere mountains, southeast and southwest of the large town of Boni. Toro Tegu is unusual in not being strictly verb-final.

  • Koyo (at Sarinyere) village at northern base of Sarinyere mountain, formerly on summit
  • Goylel (Dogon) minority Dogon section of Fulbe-Rimaibe village, on lower slope of low hill ridge near sandy plains; remnant of Dogon expelled by French from Mt Tabi area circa 1920; previously at nearby abandoned villages of Koykoira and Toupere (named after Toupere village at Tabi); farming and herding
  • Koyo Imla village on summit of mountain next to Boni
  • Nemguene village at eastern base of Sarinyere mountain; formerly on summit
  • Dyamaga village in three slightly separated quarters at western base of Sarinyere mountain
  • Piringa village at northern base of mountain at Boni, next to highway; formerly on summit
  • Toupere village at southwestern base of Tabi mountain; formerly on side of mountain (later split into Toupere and Tega at base); blacksmith (Songhay from Hombori)
  • Tandi village at southern base of Sarinyere mountain, in plain but with some large boulders; original village on slope of mountain
  • Youna village divided into a Dogon quarter and a Fulbe-Rimaibe quarter; at base of hill, formerly on slope of hill; Dogon and Fulbe-Rimaibe
  • Daga recently settled village in otherwise uninhabited plains east of Sarinyere mountain; populated by various Dogon from Sarinyere mountain villages (various names) and by Fulbe-Rimaibe (Tamboura)
  • Loro village on rocky shelf between two peaks of mountain next to Boni; said to be the oldest Toro Tegu speaking village
  • Tabi village at northern base of Tabi mountain; originally on summit of main peak of the mountain
  • Tega village at southern base of Tabi mountain; formerly part of Toupere village on side of mountain
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