Language Yanda Dom

("Yanda language") is spoken in the Yanda village cluster and in a few additional villages at the base of the cliffs south of Jamsay-speaking Bamba. Former village sites on the high plateau above have been abandoned. The village of Ana has a distinctive dialect.

  • Yanda-Tourougo village at base and at bottom of lower slope of mountain, in the middle of a linear cluster with Yanda-Songo and Yanda-Ginedia; still inhabited older village up higher on slope; farming and herding
  • Yanda-Guinedia village at base of mountain, forming a linear cluster with Yanda-Tourogo and Yanda-Songo; abandoned older village higher up on slope
  • Ogol-Komaga village out in fields away from mountain, abutting new section of Ogol-Pepe; former village on lower slope near base of mountain; school; no gardens
  • Yanda-Songo village at base of mountain, forming an uninterrupted cluster with Yanda-Tourogo and Yanda-Ginedia; former village on lower slope above; farming and herding
  • Ogol-Nimba village in plains at base of mountain; older village on slope at base of hill still inhabited by 2 families; no gardens near the village
  • Ogol-Ongo village among boullders at bottom of slope of mountain; still inhabited old village at top of slope at the base of the cliff face; many traditional healers in older village; gardening below (see Ogol-Pepe)
  • Ogol-Pepe village among boulders at bottom of slope of mountain; also a new section of the village out in the fields; rock pond with crocodiles; extensive gardening in area overlapping with Ogol-Ongo (tobacco, sweet potato, onion, chili pepper, tomato, African eggplant, papaya)
  • Koulmal
  • Denelu
  • Damza
  • Togou
  • Ante section of Ogol-Ongo
  • Ogol name of cluster of villages, see Ogol-Ongo, Ogol-Pepe, Ogol-Komaga, Ogol-Nimba
  • Omna RB's native name matches Ogol-Komaga
  • Ana village at base of mountain; abandoned former village on summit; farming and herding
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